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Strokes Mobile 

Valentines Day 

Sip & Paint 

Sat. Feb. 11th 



4266 E. Ponce De Leon Ave.

Clarkston, GA, 30021

-Paint on separate canvases

-Paint on separate canvases that connect to make one image


-Paint on one big canvas together! 

Singles Ticket:

This ticket is for our single guest. Paint on our standard 16x20 canvas. 

Singles Ticket

Standard Couples Ticket:

This ticket comes with two 16x20 canvases. Couples can paint separately on their own canvases.

Couples Tickets (2 separate canvases)

Couples Connect Canvases:

This ticket comes with two 16x20 canvases. Couples paint on two separate canvases but when connected to each other make for one big picture like the featured image below. 

Couples Connect Canvases (2 canvases come together to make one picture)

Couples Big Canvas:

With this ticket couples will receive a big 18x24 canvas which they can paint on together.   

Couples Big Canvas