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Strokes Mobile Terms & Conditions:

You are agreeing to the following terms when purchasing a seat or reserving a seat with Strokes Mobile:

- No refunds for customers who do not show up for the party.


- Customers must Pre -Register at least 24 hours before event to get Pre-Sketched canvases. 

-  The party is to end at the time agreed upon by the artist and customer. After the end time has passed the artist has the sole right to end the party anytime after the designated stop time. ( most classes will have a time slot of 2 hours and 30 min). The customer will be made aware of the stop and start time prior to party. 

- Beginning and ending time to classes are subject to vary

- Must have a party of at least 4 guest or more to paint FREE on birthday

- All locations will be inspected before class / party.

- Additional travel charges may apply depending how far you are from Metro Atlanta.   (Contact us for more details.)

- Strokes Mobile is NOT responsible for the actions of customers before, during, or after class.

- Strokes Mobile is NOT responsible for damages to a property or facility where classes are held in which the customers or other third party are responsible.

- Although tarps will always be provided to catch any spills, Strokes Mobile is NOT responsible for damage to the property in which the class is held.

- No refunds once the class has started.

-The instructor has full right to end class at anytime in he event of unsavory, unsafe, or dangerous conditions. In these events customers are NOT entitled to a refund. 

-By purchasing a seat ( by per-registration or buying a seat in person at the location) or reserving a date for a class you are agreeing to the terms above.