Strokes Mobile Custom Greetings

Strokes Mobile customers will be able to create custom one of a kind greeting cards and small paintings for loved ones. Custom Greetings are perfect for birthdays, holidays, celebrations or a show of appreciation. Strokes Mobile is here to make a Custom Greeting that your loved ones will always remember!


How to create your

Custom Greeting:

Customers have 2 options

call us at :

(404) 937-7568


Fill out the form below!

Custom Cards and paintings start out at just  $10!

Custom Greeting Cards

- Custom Greeting Cards Start out at $10!

- Certain designs/ detail within your Custom Greeting may increase price (you will always be given a quote before project).

- To ensure your greeting is done by a specific date we encourage you to place orders at least a week prior.

- Messages within the card can be included or hand written by customer.  

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Custom Small Canvas

- Custom Small Canvases start out at just $10!

- We encourage customers to place orders as soon as possible.

- Customers will get to be apart of the creative process

- Customers will be able to view the artwork before it is send out or picked up.

- We encourage customers to place orders as soon as possible to meet deadlines.

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Creative Combo

- Custom Small Canvases & Card! start out at just $20!

- Customers will get both Greeting Card and Small Painting.

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Place Order For Strokes Mobile Custom Greetings:

Since each design will be unique and one of a kind, each customer will have to call us at:

(404) 937-7568

  OR fill out the form below and we will contact you to complete the order.

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